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Since 1993 we have provided detailed financial planning tools for advisors, planners, and agents. The SECURE Act passed in 2019 makes a number of changes that affects the Required Minimum Distribution calculations, Stretch IRA calculations, IRA contributions, and the ability to offer annuities inside of Qualified retirement plans.


Advisor communications, webinars, and calculators to make sense of the 2019 Secure Act.


RetirementView 2020

Complete retirement income planning tool. Easy for clients to understand. Now updated with SECURE Act changes for RMD Calculations.

Educational Workshops

Our Attorney who specializes in compliance and tax changes will educate your advisors or agents about the new Secure Act and how it impacts their practice.

Printed Communications

Professionally designed communication pieces to educate your advisors about the Secure Act changes.

WebCalcs® Calculators

Our calculators will show you RMD and Stretch concepts using both the Pre-Secure Act rules, as well as the new rules under the Secure Act.


Our Attorney who specializes in compliance and tax changes will consult with you on the new changes in the law and how your firm can best take advantage of these changes.

Custom Software

We build custom financial planning software programs for both desktop and Internet. Contact us about your project.

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Alan Cantrell

"I more than doubled my closing ratio from 32% to 76% when meeting with prospects by using RetirementView.

Ian James

"With RetirementView I spend a lot less time creating plans and entering data and a lot more time discussing solutions with the client who is more engaged and interested than ever before."

Robert Martinelli

“I have been using Retirement View for over 5 years and I have found it to be a game changer. The power is in it’s simplicity. For the first time, prospective clients can finally see how all the pieces of their financial life work and they clearly see if they’ll be okay for the rest of their lives. I have turned skeptics into long-term clients.”

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